Reading my testimony during my baptism in March 2016.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it short and sweet! Although you should know that my journey to accept Christ was long and arduous, but full of grace.

I grew up in a Christian home, going to church with much consistency. I started to fall out in high school and ripped myself completely from the Christian world in college. Not to over-simplify, but I think it’s the story you will hear a lot from people who came to know Christ in their 20’s. College was fun. Too much fun. I was drinking, sleeping with my boyfriend, and thinking I was too cool for church. I also got excellent grades, became the president of my sorority, and recruited for Teach for America (TFA)- so what was the problem?

Here’s where a lot of people try to make their story shiny {sorry, but Jesus’ sacrifice for my sins on the cross was not pretty, what makes you think this part will be better?}. I graduated from college, moved to Texas and, started my first year teaching through TFA… and it was awful. My boyfriend broke up with me, I was a terrible teacher {spoiler: I improved!}, and I’ll admit I was homesick for Tennessee. This big break-up was the catalyst of my journey to know Christ. I decided to go back to church to get better. I was sick with worldly heartache, but God knew the extent of my heart-sickness.

From that summer on, my life has been nothing but second chances and love that I don’t deserve. I met my now-husband and we wrestled through our own turmoil and Christian-growth spurts. I’ve been confronted with my own selfishness, misbeliefs, and judgmental thoughts. I’m still learning that life isn’t one big to-do list {although checklists are great, they shouldn’t take precedence over your family (my husband is laughing now!)}. God healed me from heartache after heartache; and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so.