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Playtime Shawl

The Playtime Shawl is a shallow triangular shawl featuring wild crisscross stitches and boatloads of texture. The pattern is repetitive yet interesting making it the perfect project to pull out when you just want to have fun! The playful bobble border gives this shawl even more personality. You can even add a contrasting color to up the ante. Come on, let’s play with crochet! YARN | 2 skeins fingering weight. HOOK | Size G (4.0mm).


Springtime in Suburbia

Springtime in Suburbia is a long rectangular wrap made with simple stitches and gorgeous drape. The slowly sloping chevron pattern creates bold lines to give this wrap a modern look. The wrap will keep your shoulders warm at a springtime wedding, but can also be wrapped around your neck as a scarf. YARN | 4 skeins fingering weight. HOOK | Size H (5.0mm)



Float Tote

Aptly named, the Float Tote is made for your colorwork projects! With three (or five!) detachable buckets, you can take your multi-skein project on the go. I like to put my buckets in a line on the table in front of me, then snap them back into place when I put my project away. Less space? You can also fold back the large bag and keep your little buckets inside, placing the whole thing on your lap. YARN | 10-14 balls of Sugar'n Cream. HOOK | Size J (6.0mm)


Float Tote Mini

Now, the Float Tote Mini is here! And she’s ready for your smaller one and two-skein projects. With one (or two!) detachable buckets, you can take your small project on the go. I love using the One-Skein size for hats or socks. The Two-Skein size is perfect for a two-color shawl or even two one-skein projects. YARN | 7-8 balls of Sugar'n Cream. HOOK | Size J (6.0mm)


Back to School Collection

Dinosaur Tails (Fidget Toy}

A quiet fiddle toy- one that you’re not upset if they lose because it takes 10 minutes to make! These adorable dino tails can be spikey or loopy. Your kids will love to touch the soft cotton and feel the texture of the yarn. They can keep it in their pocket and hold onto it when they need to lower their energy. Of course, you might want to talk with your child’s teacher about the dinosaur tails first! YARN | Leftover bits of Sugar'n Cream Cotton. HOOK | Size F (3.75mm)


Easy Eraser

This colorful eraser is perfect for little hands. Whether you’re making the eraser for your child or your student, you can customize the colors to match his or her personality. These work great to wipe down personal dry-erase boards and fit nicely into a pencil box. The best part is… dishcloth cotton is 100% machine wash and dry-able. So make several for your little scholar and say NO to using old socks as erasers! YARN | Leftover bits of Sugar'n Cream Cotton. HOOK | Size G (4.0mm)


Lunchtime Napkins

The perfect size for small lunch boxes and little hands- make these Lunchtime Napkins for your kids in under an hour! What’s better than that? This pattern is designed to use up those leftover scraps from dishcloths. Also, cotton is 100% machine wash and dry-able, so they can get them dirty over and over again! YARN | Leftover bits of Sugar'n Cream Cotton. HOOK | Size G (4.0mm)


Pencil Grip

A simple pencil grip to personalize your student’s school gear. These things whip up so fast that you’ll want to make them in all of your child’s favorite colors! The best part? You can use up those little bits of dishcloth cotton you’ve been hanging onto. It’s a win-win! YARN | Leftover bits of Sugar'n Cream Cotton. HOOK | Size F (3.75mm)


Tiny Dots Bucket

A cute little bucket to hold whatever you can dream up! These make the perfect teacher gift. Mrs. Smith can put her paper clips, rubber bands, or special treats in this bowl. You only need tiny bits of your leftover dishcloth cotton to crochet this beauty. The color possibilities are endless! YARN | Leftover bits of Sugar'n Cream Cotton. HOOK | Size G (4.0mm)


Back to School Crochet Collection

All five Back to School patterns in one discounted bundle! Dinosaur Tails, Easy Eraser, Lunchtime Napkins, Pencil Grip, and Tiny Dots Bucket.


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