Fall Garment MAL 2021

The #fallgarmentMAL is a casual make-along for knitters and crocheters to work on their garment makes (wips allowed!).

This make-along occurs in three installments:

  1. August 15th – September 11th
  2. September 12th – October 9th
  3. October 10th – November 6th


  • Must be knitting or crocheting on a garment (see definition below) during the month entered.
  • WIP’s (works in progress) ARE ALLOWED!
  • To enter on Ravelry, simply chat in the Prize Chatter thread for that month. Chat as much as you want! Share what you’re making, encourage others, etc. More chat = more chances to win!
  • Prize Chatter threads will open on the first day of the installment month (Aug. 15th, Sept. 12th, and Oct. 10th around 10:00 AM or when Natalie opens her computer!) and close when the next month’s chatter thread opens up. Only ONE Prize Chatter thread will be open at a time.

What counts as a garment? For this makealong a garment is defined as any item made with intention of being worn as clothing to cover the upper or lower body, or all of it! Typically these items close or fasten in some manner and have openings for appendages. A shawl is not a garment but a cape is! If you’re wondering… is it a garment? Just ask!


We have several events sprinkled in throughout the make-along!

  • 2:00 PM ET Sunday, August 15th | Month 1 Kickoff Party (YouTube)

  • 2:00 PM ET Sunday, September 12th | Month 2 Kickoff Party (IG)

  • 2:00 PM ET Sunday, October 10th | Month 3 Kickoff Party (YouTube)

  • 2:00 PM ET Sunday, November 7th | End of MAL Celebration (Zoom/YT)

*The Final Celebration will be a combination Zoom/YouTube event. I can host up to 99 people on the Zoom and then it will be broadcast to YouTube for anyone to join in and watch! The Zoom participants will get to show off their fall garments via video, ask questions live, and be in the YouTube video! Sign up here.

Prize Info

October Sponsors

Prize Packs

Ravelry Prizeschat here!

Prize 1: The French Lavender Sock Set from Leap of Faith Yarns (US Only)

Prize 2: 4 Charms in the winner’s choice from Mindfulness Makes (US & Canada)

Prize 3: One 100-gram fingering weight skein of “Copper Kiss” in the cashmerino base from Moonglow Yarn Co (US Only)

Prize 4: $50 gift card to The Little Wolf Knits (International)

Prize 5: One zippered project bag of the winner’s choice from Northern Swan Creates (US & Canada)

Instagram Prizes– use #fallgarmentmal to post in your feed. Must be public!

Prize 1: One zippered sock pouch in a fabric of the winners choice from White Rose Fiber Company. (US Only)

Prize 2: “First Day of Fall DK” weight sock set from Mandi’s Makings (US Only)

Prize 3: “Cosmos” fingering weight sock set (80/20) from Gypsy Soul Fibers (US Only)

Prize 4: Wool wash essential trio bundle (one unscented, fresh cotton, and cinnamon apple scent) from Lilly Rey Crochet Co. (International)

Prize 5: “Christmas Grinch” DK sock set from Bella Fio (US Only)

Coupon Codes

Use code “FALLGARMENTMAL” to receive the following discounts from our sponsors!


Love in Stitches Fade Set from Moonglow Yarn Co


Pattern suggestions for first sweaters:


Are WIP’s (works in progress) allowed?

  • Yes! As long as it’s a garment, a project in any stage counts!

What counts as a garment?

  • A garment is an item of clothing for the upper or lower body: sweater, cardigan, t-shirt, skirt, shorts, dress, cape, poncho, etc. It is NOT an appendage covering or accessory: hat, scarf, shawl, socks, gloves, etc.

Do I have to follow a specific pattern?

  • Any pattern is allowed. Just follow your heart and check out the chatter threads for inspiration!

Do baby/toddler garments count?

  • Yes! Any size works as long as it’s a garment intended for wearing. So not a sweater ornament, etc. I would say that means sweaters for animals count too!
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