#heliKAL | a helical knitalong!

With all that is going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to hold onto the things that ground us. Routines, social interaction, creativity… we’re all trying to find a “new normal”. So in this time I’m hosting a casual knitalong that I’m hoping will stir up some joy!

I recently cast on the Travelers Loop by Dawn Barker after taking her class at the Knitting in the Hills Retreat. It’s a simple, two-tone garter stitch infinity scarf that uses the helical knitting technique. When one of you asked on an Instagram Q & A if I would host a helical knitalong, I couldn’t resist!

So what is helical knitting? Helical knitting is a way to knit in the round with two or more colors {or when alternating hand-dyed yarns} without creating a jog or tight stitches at the beginning of round.

Welcome to the #heliKAL! The #heliKAL is a knitalong promoting all things knit with the helical or helix knitting technique.

WHEN | March 22nd-April 30th
WHAT | Knit on any helical project {wips count!} or learn to knit with helical technique.
WHERE | Chat on the Ravelry thread and use the hashtag #heliKAL on Instagram to participate.
WHY | Get some motivation to work on those helical projects or learn a great new technique! Participate in this awesome community and enter to win prizes {tbd}. But mostly because the wordplay of #heliKAL is too fun to miss out on!

RULES {or lack thereof}
Rules will be updated as questions are asked! (3/24/20)

  1. Knit any pattern with the helical technique for any part of the project.
  2. WIP’s {any project you cast on before 3/22} count.
  3. You do not have to finish your helical project by 4/30 to enter, just participate!
  4. You can join in at any time! Come learn helical knitting and have some fun!




Travelers Loop by Dawn Barker {great for beginners!}

Nomad Loop by Dawn Barker {if you <3 mohair!}

Maypole Cowl by Dawn Barker {for a mini-skein set}

I hope you will come along and join us for a little bit of helical fun in the chaos!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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