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Happy Friday everyone! This week I rounded out two YouTube tutorial series on the Knitty Natty channel: Basic Knits and Basic Crochet.

When I designed these two series I had a few audiences in mind. The first was my students at the elementary school where I host an after-school knit and crochet club. The second was capital “K” Knitters who want to learn to crochet; and the third was capital “C” Crocheters who want to learn to knit.

There are a million beginner tutorials out there- so why add my own to the mix? As a teacher, I wanted the videos I refer my students to watch to have the exact same language that I’m using when I teach during my club. As a learner, I know that sometimes I “click” with certain instructors and their style. So the more options out there to watch and learn, the better!

Something that makes each of these tutorials unique is they are totally all-encompassing. When I teach you the knit stitch, I don’t just show you the steps to make a stitch and then stop. I demonstrate starting the row, ending the row, working the first row vs. all other rows, tips for working multiple rows, and show both English and Continental styles.

You can find each of these skills in the Basic Knits Series.

Slip Knot:
Long Tail Cast On:
Knit Stitch (English):
Knit Stitch (Continental):
Purl Stitch (English):
Purl Stitch (Continental):
Knit + Purl (English):
Knit + Purl (Continental):
Basic Bind Off:

In each of the crochet videos, I start with a chain. This way you can truly understand how the foundation of the stitch is built. I go through the first row and then show how the following rows will be different. I really focus on the beginning and end of these rows because I remember how tricky that was for me as a new crocheter. Each crochet video is offered in both right and left-handed views.

You can find each of these skills in the Basic Crochet Series.

Slip Knot:
Chain (right-handed):
Chain (left-handed):
Single Crochet (right-handed):
Single Crochet (left-handed):
Half Double Crochet (right-handed):
Half Double Crochet (left-handed):
Double Crochet (right-handed):
Double Crochet (left-handed):
Triple/Treble Crochet (right-handed):
Triple/Treble Crochet (left-handed):

My hope is that these videos will serve as a reference material for new knitters and crocheters. I had so much fun creating these basic stitch videos. Now I have a whole new level of respect for creators who spend most of their time making tutorials. Breaking down a technique takes a lot of thought and prep! Since I’m an English knitter and right-handed crocheter, creating the Continental and left-handed videos really pushed me to expand my skills.

Maybe you are multi-craftual already and don’t need to brush up on the basics. For you, knowledgeable crafter, I will have more tutorials coming soon. Just you wait!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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