Rebranding: Love in Stitches

At the end of November I announced a change to the blog. New format. New inspiration. And it’s been great! What I didn’t say at the time was… it was all leading up to this- I’m rebranding!

Woah! Natalie, new name? Why do you have to confuse us like that? Don’t worry, I am still Knitty Natty; and I think I always will be! However, for the direction I want to take my platforms, a name change was needed. Read on!

Why the name change?

Currently, all my social media platforms are “Knitty Natty”- Knitty Natty Designs, Knitty Natty at Home, and I’m @knittynatty on Instagram. Trust me, I’m still Knitty Natty! I even have work friend who refuses to call me anything but “Knitty” and I embrace it fully.

Knitty Natty (not talking about myself in the first person) is not going anywhere. My Instagram handle will remain @knittynatty, because that’s who I am. I like that my handle references my name, Natalie, because I’m one of those that like to know people by their first name. {Did you know that the sound of your own name actually lights up the pleasure center of your brain? The very sound makes you feel special!}

But you know when “Knitty Natty” is not so great? When you design crochet patterns. Which I have and will continue to do. “Knitty Natty Designs” can be misleading because it could turn crocheters away. Plus, after hearing my business name read out loud on a podcast {along with a long list of other designers that all had “designs” in their name} I couldn’t stand the sound of it. “Knitty Natty Designs” just didn’t flow!

Around the same time this idea of changing my design name floated into my brain, I considered switching my mini-podcast from IGTV to YouTube. I would need a podcast name! Anything with my Instagram handle in it just sound haughty. Knitty Natty Podcast? No way! So my noggin started churning.

“What if I had a name change across platforms? It would coincide with a change in the blog, a move to YouTube, and the impending release of new crochet patterns…” I thought.

I struggled to come up with a name for a few weeks. And then it hit me! From the beginning, I’ve signed my blog posts “Love in stitches, Knitty Natty”. For lack of a better word… I love the way “love in stitches” rolls off the tongue. It also has multiple connotations {read more below}. Love in Stitches doesn’t discriminate- I can knit, crochet, and even needlepoint and I’m still on brand.

But what I love most about my new name is that “Love in Stitches” isn’t about me; it’s about total adoration for a craft. This name allows for growth and collaboration. One day “Love in Stitches” could include others. I’m excited to see where it goes!

What exactly is “Love in Stitches”?

Right now the “Love in Stitches” brand name has replaced “Knitty Natty at Home” as my blog title. Tomorrow {1/10} the Love in Stitches Podcast will launch on my YouTube channel. And very soon, Knitty Natty Designs will morph into simply “Love in Stitches”.

Multiple Meanings.

The phrase “love in stitches” has so many meanings. You can take these words any way you like, depending on the situation.

You can show love in the stitches that you knit or crochet for others.

You can feel love when you’re physically wrapped those hand-stitched objects.

Being “in stitches” is an idiom that means “convulsed with laughter.” While I prefer not to convulse, I do love to laugh with others while I knit.

A “stitch” can also mean a small measure of time. While I couldn’t find a formal definition that matched, I’m sure many of you have heard the idiom, “a stitch in time.”

I try to spread a little love in small doses in our yarny community. Each time I post on Instagram or upload a video, I feel reciprocal appreciation for the craft. Platforms like this blog are my way of weaving some joy into the world.

I hope you love the new name as much as I do. Remember, nothing has changed except a pseudonym and a new podcast! Just a whole lot of good and potential.

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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