2018 Year in Review

I have a very production-focused personality. I make goals for myself every day, every hour… every minute? I feel wasteful if a day has gone by that I haven’t “done” something purposeful. Luckily, knitting and crochet make me feel very productive and 2018 was quite a success!

Ravelry has a fun feature where you can filter your projects to see which ones were finished in a specific year. {You must have input your projects and the date completed first!} Just go to your project page and choose the drop down menu called “filter your projects”. After that, select “year completed” and choose 2018.

In total, I completed 70 projects this year. Eighteen pairs of socks, nine shawls, five cowls, five sweaters, five hats, eight dishcloths/potholders, three blankets, and seventeen in the “other” category. Forty-five projects were knit and 25 projects were crochet- color me shocked! You can find ALL of my 2018 projects here.

Below I’ve sorted each project by category and linked the pattern page if I used a pattern. I also included a picture of my very favorite finished object in each grouping. If you want to see and hear about my favorite project in little more detail, I made a special video episode on YouTube here. Enjoy!

Socks {18}

Coming in at the first with the “most number made” are socks! This year I designed three pairs of socks and put up a sock recipe on my blog. Socks are the clear winners for 2018. They are the most portable project because they are small, simple, and, with the fine yarn, give you hours of entertainment.

My favorite pair of socks I made this year are the Clark Socks by Jaclyn Salem. The pattern is gorgeous with its cables running down the front and back, yet easy to memorize with the cleverly placed purl bumps.

Sweaters {5}

I had a goal this year to knit six sweaters… so I didn’t completely fail. However, a few other sweaters in my #2018makenine never even got on the needles. Next year!

My favorite sweater I made this year is Aureed by Meiju K-P. I wear this cardigan nearly every week. I’ve learned that fingering weight sweaters suit me best and that a BFL base is light-weight and won’t stretch out!

Shawls {9}

In second place, my 2018 “second most made” project was shawls! Gosh I love a good shawl. As shawls are accessories, you can use fun colors in crazy combinations. I had a really hard time choosing my favorite shawl this year…

But I think I have to go with the Flatiron Shawl by Toni Lipsey. I loved it so much I made two! This project definitely drew me back into crochet. I never knew you could get so much drape with a crochet piece. {Hint: natural fiber, big hook, small yarn = winning.}

Cowls {5}

Cowls didn’t get a ton of love this year. {Sorry, cowls. I’m on a shawl kick.} But I have to say I do enjoy wearing the ones I made this year. A couple went on as gifts!

My favorite cowl is my Gina’s Brioche Cowl by Purl Soho. It’s so squishy and bright! I made some modifications to adapt this cowl to fingering weight yarn and you can find them all on my project page.

Hats {5}

Hats didn’t get too much attention this year either. I guess I did realize that… if it’s nice, make it twice! I made two different patterns twice.

I loved my 2×2 Ribbed for His Pleasure by Tinksdarkerside mostly because I gifted them to my husband and brother {no, they do not and will not ever know what the pattern is called!}. My husband, Kent, picked out the yarn himself on a yarn crawl and wears his hat regularly. That makes me smile!

Dishcloths/Potholders {8}

Dishcloths and potholders are always high in number each year. I made 16 total dishcloths and potholders in eight different projects. I don’t think I kept a single one!

My favorite dishcloth is the Monogrammed Alphabet for Knitters by Heather Kate. These make THE BEST wedding gift. Sometimes I’ll make the couples’ last name and sometimes I do each of their first initials. I have fun matching the cotton to the colors they’ve chosen in their wedding registry!

Blankets {3)

I can’t believe I finished three blankets this year! Granted… not all blankets are like the sock-weight scrap blankets I’m currently working on {aka forever WIPs}. One was a small stroller set, one was a deadline crochet, but my favorite…

Was a Stephen West garter stitch masterpiece! The Garter Squish by Stephen West. I made the entire blanket out of worsted weight scraps and magic knots. I exclusively knit on it while watching Lost. {We have yet to finish the show though… }

Other {17}

I made a variety of silly and different things this year. I designed a glass bottle cozy, knit a gorgeous stocking, and even made a slightly modified bra! What?!

My top make in the “other” category is the Float Tote by Knitty Natty Designs- that’s me! This was the first design I ever had tested and published for purchase. I’m so very proud of it! I created this bag with the intent to use it for stocking knitting, but I’ve used it for so much more than that. Any project that uses three or more skeins I’ve put in these totes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up of 2018 projects. It was a lot of fun to look back on the projects I created this year. I made so many more things that I remembered!

Don’t forget you can view all my 2018 projects on Ravelry here and watch the video review of my favorite projects + knitting goals for new year here.

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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