Change is gonna come…

Dear lovely readers, yarn-lovers and muggles alike,

I’m writing this blog post to announce some changes coming to the Knitty Natty at Home blog. Good changes! Exciting changes!

I’ve been writing in my current format {almost} weekly for nine months. This structure is similar to knitting podcasts with WIPs and FOs in addition to the personal elements of cooking, reading, and faith. In July I started an Instagram TV Channel (IGTV) where I share my current knitting and crochet projects every Wednesday in a 10-minute video. I LOVE recording these videos each week.

Lately when I’ve sat down to work on my blog posts, I feel like I’m repeating myself. “I’m just logging the same things that I share in my videos,” I thought. Blogging has felt less organic than it did just a few months ago.

So here’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The blog format is changing! Instead of posting lengthy  blogs each week, I will write shorter posts more spontaneously. Sometimes this will be multiple times a week, sometimes not at all. I will still talk about knitting and crochet- ALWAYS. If a good book or great recipe comes across my radar, I’ll post about that too. Primarily this is a knitting and crochet blog so that will remain the focus.

I’m hoping to include an occasional free pattern or pattern recipe along the way. I’ll share those too!

If you’re eager to keep up with my knitting and crochet projects and designs, Instagram is the best place to follow my journey {@knittynatty}. Additionally, I’m launching my YouTube channel next week for Vlogmas and continuing my weekly mini-podcasts on Instagram {for now! I’m toying with the idea of a big rebranding in the New Year… so keep an eye out for that. Eek!

Thank you so much for faithfully reading my thoughts on this blog. I’m always shocked when someone tells me in person that they love to read my posts. I suppose it was silly to think that I’m in my little corner of the internet all alone!

Love in stitches,


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