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Happy Monday!

I’ve been busting it at work and cranking out the crochet all weekend, so this blog post is later than usual. I don’t have any FO’s, but have made a lot of progress on a sweater test crochet. This week I released my latest pattern, geared up to start a shawl MKAL, enjoyed my husband’s themed cooking, and started a new book. Enjoy!

Finished Objects

None this week! Hopefully soon…

WIP’s- Focus Projects

Sleeves of my Thistleberry Sweater.

I’m so excited that I get to test the Thistleberry Sweater for Coco Crochet Lee! This sweater is so adorably, festive that I’ve decided to make it in red for Christmastime. I started last Thursday with a sleeve, and now I’m well on my way to starting the back and front of the sweater. You’re going to see this as an FO very soon because the test deadline is coming up quickly!

Yarn selection for my Texture Time Shawl.

I’m gearing up to start Stephen West’s Texture Time Mystery Shawl KAL on October 5th! I’ve got my five wonderful colors picked out. These are all skeins that I bought at SSK this summer. Originally, I intended to make another West Knits pattern- Vertices Unite. The Texture Time Shawl uses five colors as well, so I thought I’d just use these five!

Something New


My latest pattern, the Classic Bottle Cozy, is now available on Ravelry! This is my second published knitting pattern and the second in my Fall Means Football- Subtle Fanwear Collection. I loved this project because it’s so quick and simple. I also debuted a new pattern layout for this design- I think you’ll like it! I’m planning to go back and edit my sock pattern to this cleaner format soon.


What God’s Teaching Me

I know that God is still teaching me something in my struggles as work. That is still up and down, so I won’t pretend it has been completely resolved, but something more important has been on my mind this week.

My husband’s friend and former co-worker lost his battle to cancer this week. We’re going to his memorial service tonight. Not too long ago, he was a healthy, mid-twenty year-old former college football player and now he is no longer with us.

Then a few days later, my former co-worker told me that she’s been diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, she’s in the beginning throws of it and was contacting me in a healthier state. She wanted to know if I’d make her some hats for when she goes through chemo- of course!

Additionally, in the novel I started this week {see below} another young person was taken from our world too early. All of these circumstances have me feeling very appreciative of my own health and safety. I started to think about how I would feel if my husband got cancer and died suddenly or if my sister was the one about to start chemo. I felt overwhelmingly empathy for these situations. It so easy to feel hurt when someone who is so good and young has an unexpectedly short life.

Why does God take who takes when he takes them? It’s so hard to understand. I don’t think it’s helpful to say to a grieving person that “it’s all part of God’s plan” even if it’s the truth. Chances are that we won’t see how God’s greater plan plays out in our lifetime. I’ve felt so very human this week. I don’t always want my life to be for God’s good, I want it to be for mine! Do you ever feel that way?

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

– Romans 8:28

Lord, help me to believe your Word and to trust in you. Thank you for your kindness and forgiveness. Thank you for allowing me to be so human and for loving me anyway.

What We’re Cooking

Doesn’t look like much, but this chili has baking chocolate, cinnamon, and all kinds of spices!

My amazing husband took over the cooking this week as I was just too exhausted to even think. He whipped up some incredible Skyline Chili, which took two hours to simmer in the pot.


The first night we had it “four ways” with pasta, beans, chili, and cheese… oh and oyster crackers.


The other nights, Kent grilled some hot dogs and buns and we enjoyed chili cheese dogs. I would definitely eat this chili again!

What I’m Reading

I’m reading again this week- heyyy! When I finally got to the top of the library wait list for The Hate U Give, I had to drop everything to read it. It seems like it’s going to be a quick read too; which is great since the movie comes out October 5th!

the hate you give

In case you haven’t heard of the book or movie {you probably will soon as it brings up controversial race issues}, I’ll give you a brief synopsis. Starr is one of the only black students at her predominantly white private school, but she hails from Garden Heights- a rough neighborhood where drive-by’s are common. She doesn’t really fit into either world. When she witnesses the fatal shooting of her innocent black friend by a white police officer, she has to decide whether to stay quiet or to stand up.

It’s a powerful book. The writing might not be everyone’s style as the narrator, Starr, switches from colloquialisms to formal speech depending on the setting. While I don’t love the cursing when Starr is surrounded by her Garden Heights friends, it feels very real and passionate. I’m about a quarter of the way though through the book, and I would already recommend it!

Check back next week for more going-ons in the Knitty Natty home!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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