Vacation Knitting

Vacation Knitting

We are celebrating Halloween in Disneyland today!

This is the last weekend of our marathon vacationing. While it’s been super fun, I am definitely excited to spend next weekend at home! This week I finish another bottle cozy, share a HO, show off my yarny purchases, discuss the power of prayer, and love on some more Neflix originals. Enjoy!

Finished Objects

Classic Bottle Cozy- my next pattern, coming Tuesday!

I finished a second Classic Bottle Cozy while on vacation in Michigan last weekend. This one is for me– I just love the purple from Woolen Boon. These cozies work up super quickly. Several of my testers finished their cozies in a day or two. This pattern will be available on Ravelry next week!

WIP’s- Focus Projects

Coles River Kerchief by Toni Lipsey.

I’ve fallen behind in the Coles River CAL, but I did put some work into this crochet shawl this week. The alpaca blend I’m working with is just dreamy. I love a simple crochet project to give my hands a break from knitting and to feel really productive. My Coles River Kerchief is well on it’s way to being an FO real soon.

HO- Ducks socks.

I’ve made some great progress on my September socks the past two football Saturdays. I knit the entire foot during the Oregon Ducks game three weeks ago. Then, last weekend I turned the heel in the morning at our hotel in Michigan; I finished the leg and cuff of the sock at the SMU vs. Michigan game! I’ve started the second sock now. Since this is just a plain vanilla thing, it will be perfect to carry around Disneyland this weekend.

Something New

While we went to Michigan for football last weekend, I definitely was scoping out the yarn scene. I had my heart set on going to Spun Ann Arbor– and my wish came true! We ended up within walking distance of the shop; so while my husband and his friend tottered off to a brewery, I made my way to Spun!

Locally made from mill ends!

It was such a spectacular store. The people were kind and helpful. The yarn selection was stunning. I would highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in Ann Arbor. While I coveted their selection of Brooklyn Tweed and Shibui, I didn’t have anything specific on my shopping list. So, I went for a couple unique skeins that I knew I couldn’t find elsewhere.

Sock set dyed after a worker’s pet.

The first was a local hand-dyer who created colorways after each of the shop workers’ pets. I bought a “Molly” skein. Apparently, Molly is a sweetheart Pitbull whose coloring is so fair that she sometimes looks pink! The second skein was a super-soft marled crazy thing. There were so many skeins to choose from. Each are unique and made with mill ends. I’m so pleased with my yarn purchases!

What God’s Teaching Me

This week I was shown the power of prayer. After feeling super stressed-out on Tuesday, I asked for some suggestions on how to bounce back on Instagram. My Instagram friends came through! Many suggested tea, sweets, knitting, walks, or baths– all of which I took them up on. Several said they would pray for me.

It seems like prayer would be an obvious answer to a difficult situation, but sometimes when you’re drowning in the moment, you forget. Those people who said they would pray for me woke me up! Maybe I can’t do anything to change my circumstance, but I know someone who can- God.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

So while soaking in a hot bath {per Instagram tips}, I prayed. I prayed for myself to keep calm and to look for the positive. I prayed for specific teachers at my school to feel refreshed and renewed. I prayed for my administrators– because I know if I think I’m feeling stressed, that they are experiencing a greater weight. I prayed for the kids at my school, that they would know that when they walk in each day that they are loved.

After these prayers,  I felt pressure lift off immediately. The most amazing part was when I walked into school the next day. A co-worker that I prayed specifically for said they felt calmer. That is the power or prayer, people!

What We’re Cooking

A couple weeks back I made my favorite Tamale Bake and froze a second batch to eat later. Since we were out of town all weekend, this was the perfect time to thaw and eat the casserole. I ran into some problems though.

All appears to be fine… but it’s not true!

Last time, I forgot to buy cornbread mix and ended up making the cornbread from scratch- no problem! This time… we didn’t have any eggs. While there are two grocery stores right across the street, I already had showered, put on pajamas, and slathered on a face mask. So I looked up egg substitutes and discovered I could use a little extra milk to make up for the missing egg.

Doughy cornbread- so sad!

Maybe this would have worked had I been baking cornbread alone, but the result for the topping was a beautiful browned top… and a doughy inside. So sad! One success however, was that I added an extra tablespoon of sugar to the cornbread mix and it was the right amount of sweet. Little wins!


Kent came to the rescue on Wednesday night when he grilled some barbecue chicken. Yummy!

What I’m Loving

We are going to rename this section for the time being to “What I’m Loving“. I haven’t been the best reader lately. I’ve been multi-tasking like crazy and going to bed exhausted- which is when I usually read. Plus, we’ve been out of town a lot and I’ve chosen to watch shows while we travel.

I’d still like to share the entertainment I’ve been consuming- mostly in the form of podcasts and Netflix shows. This past weekend I downloaded two Netflix originals to watch on the plane. Both are romantic teenage comedies… and feature the same actor in the supporting role- haha! He’s handsome though, so I can’t complain.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser turned out to be much better than the preview. While the plot was mostly as expected, there were some surprises. The popular girl’s token secret flaw was unexpected and comical. The heart throb’s touching characteristic really was sweet. You know yourself best, but I think you’ll like this one!


The second movie really looked terrible in previews, but since I liked the previous Netflix original and another one two weeks ago, I tried it. To All the Boys I Loved Before really did have me laughing. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to the preview enough because the entire premise was not as I expected. The main character, Lara Jean, is innocent and funny. This was another cute movie that I’d totally watch again.

Check back next week for more going-ons in the Knitty Natty home!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

Cozy and Stormy

Cozy and Stormy

This weekend we are in Michigan cheering on our team in a hopeless football battle!

I’m excited to (hopefully) visit at least one great local yarn shop in Ann Arbor. This week I finally finish my August socks, work on lots of designs, talk about the humble garter tab, and share a life-saving website. Enjoy!

Finished Objects

After a plane-ride to Michigan, my Waffle Creams are finally done! I even brought blockers with me to snap a quick picture. I love the texture in these socks and the beautiful cable down the side. My heart breaks because… these aren’t even for me. These will be a Christmas gift for my purple-loving mother. I hope she loves them!

WIP’s- Focus Projects

Closeup of the Classic Bottle Cozy knit by one of my awesome testers!

The next pattern in my Fall Means Football- Subtle Fanwear Collection is in the testing phases. That means I’m working a second sample of the design to double-check that the pattern is written correctly. I’m really excited about how this pattern turned out! This is a bottle cozy, meant to fit around standard 12-ounce glass bottles {like the ones that hold beer or classic sodas}. The release date for this pattern is September 25th!

Something New

I’ve started my very first shawl design. It’s in collaboration with Cassie of Big Sky Yarn company- I adore her and her yarn! This shawl features two beautiful textures in a triangular shape. Cassie sent me two skeins of her lovely Squish DK in the colorway “Hayride“. Don’t you just love it?!

Sneak peak of my shawl design, which will start with a garter tab.

I did some research on shawl design and discovered a great tutorial. SPOILER ALERT! This pattern is going to begin with a garter tab. A garter tab is a smooth way to start a shawl that has a garter edging. I’ve always found them rather finicky and just fudged my way around them. But then I found this picture tutorial from Tin Can Knits that explained everything perfectly! So if you’ve ever had trouble starting a shawl with a garter tab, look no further than this tutorial.

What God’s Teaching Me

Natural disasters are terrifying. Do you remember being a little kid who was afraid of the thunder? And you didn’t even know yet what the lighting could do!

Isn’t it funny that when we’re young and innocent we might be scared of the things that are loud and obvious {thunder}, but we don’t even know what terrors are really out there {the silent lightning}?

Hurricane Florence is hitting the East Coast hard this week and my heart breaks for all those affected. I’m feeling particularly empathetic during this storm because I have a close friend who needed to evacuate from the Myrtle Beach area. That’s not even the worst thing that’s happened to her yet!

These kind of natural terrors remind me how little I am in control of my life. Those thoughts can be very anxiety-inducing. If I stop to ponder about the real problems out there, instead of my small first-world problems that seem to scream so loudly, I can get very down. So I’m seeking peace in His word while praying for my friend and everyone who will be affected by the storm.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

– Matthew 11:28

Who is like you LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule over the surging sea; when it waves mount up, you still them.

– Psalm 89:8-9

What We’re Cooking

I found an easy and tasty recipe for lunches this week: Roasted Vegetables and Sausage. All I needed to do was chop veggies and sausage and toss some seasonings on them. I loved sprinkling Parmesan cheese on top {as suggested in the recipe}. I’ll definitely make these for lunches again soon!

Kent cooked nearly three pounds of  sloppy Joe’s on Sunday and we ate on that for the rest of the week- sometimes with fries and sometimes with veggies. My new favorite vessel for sloppy Joe’s is the King’s Hawaiian roll buns- so yummy! I even used the small rolls and called them sloppy sliders. Delicious!

What I’m Reading Listening To


I listen to a weekly podcast called Clutter Free Academy with Kathi Lipp. Her tagline reads, “helping you to be clutter-free in your heart, your home, and your mind“- she has wonderful tips! This week she hosted the founder of Eat at Home, Tiffany King. Eat at Home solves the problem of “I’m too busy to think and plan what to cook.” You’ve got to go listen to the episode!

This website is the answer to my unvoiced prayer. I signed up for the weekly meal plans right away! Now I’ll get a meal plan and grocery list delivered to my inbox. All I’ll need to do is choose a few of those seven meals to put on the menu that week- and I’m done! I think I might even try ordering my groceries online for pick-up to make the task of meal prep that much easier.


Tiffany has a new cookbook called Eat at Home: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and More. I think this book might have been written just for me. It has EASY written all over it. I’m going to try the recipes for a month and see if I need the book too!

Check back next week for more going-ons in the Knitty Natty home!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

Coles River and The Crown

Coles River and The Crown

It’s a lovely, rainy Saturday here in Texas.

I’m super content to spend a weekend at home when we were out of town last weekend and are traveling again the next two. This week I finish a knit design, work on August and September socks, start the Coles River CAL, enjoy Kent’s cooking and review the shows I outlined last week. Enjoy!

Finished Objects

I do have one FO this week- the next design in my “Fall Means Football- Subtle Fanwear Collection”, but I’m not quite ready to show it here yet. The design went out to testers today. I can’t wait to see what you think!

WIP’s- Focus Projects


I’ve been hustling to get my August socks done and out of the way. These beautiful Waffle Creams will be an FO next week!


Luckily my September socks are already off to a great start. I worked the entire foot of the first sock during a long day of football last Saturday. These are just a plain vanilla pair to show off the fun “Ducks” colorway by Sunrise Fiber Co.


I also started my Coles River Kerchief as part of a CAL hosted by Toni L. of TL Yarn Crafts. This crocheted shawl is triangular and has beautiful lace sections. I’m using some yummy lavender alpaca.

Something New

During our Labor Day trip to Seattle I got to visit a couple yarn stores. The first was one I’ve known about and wanted to go to for years. The second was a nice surprise!

My yarn haul from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Churchmouse Yarns Teas is located on Bainbridge Island- just a ferry ride away from Seattle. This store carries lines like Shibui and Brooklyn Tweed and doesn’t have a large indie-dyed selection. I went straight for the Shibui. I’ve wanted to make Joji’s Like a Cloud cardigan since before the pattern came out. I got some lovely dark charcoal in Cima and Silk Cloud to make a delicious cardigan. I also walked away with some tea, shortbread cookies, knit sheep buttons, and anti-inflammatory hand balm.


So Much Yarn is in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market… well one street up. The shop is next to a yummy soda fountain- we all got ice cream floats! The store carried big line names, but also had a good selection of indie-dyed yarn. Their exclusive colorway “Market Flowers” from Baah was so beautiful. However, Spincycle caught my eye. I got this marled yellow and gray beauty that I plan to use for a hat.

What God’s Teaching Me

My connection with God is at an all-time low (since becoming a Christian about three years ago). Do you ever feel that way? I’m not motivated to read scripture, we haven’t gone to church in ages, and we definitely aren’t tithing. But those are just things Christians do.

I am most concerned with my heart, and I think this is also God’s biggest concern. My discontentment with work has allowed the Devil to sneak in and clog up other areas of my life this week. I feel tired. My mind is cluttered. I’m behind on housework, I didn’t go to the gym once this week, and we ate fast food too many times.

Blah. I keep remembering the quote I shared last week; that flowers aren’t meant to blossom in every season and neither are we. So in the weeks that come, although I might not have much to share in this section, I’m hoping that there will be a time when I look back at these months and can say definitively where God was working in my life.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

What We’re Cooking

It’s Kent’s turn to shop and cook this week- hallelujah for so many reasons! One, I don’t have to go grocery shopping (ick!) and two, he’s much better at putting together a full meal.


Tuesday he grilled New York Strips and corn. We ate that along with steamed broccoli and my favorite King’s Hawaiian rolls.


I’ve been enjoying the shortbread cookies I bought at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

What I’m Reading Watching

Last week I shared some of the shows I’ve been watching and a few more that I was going to download and try on my trip. {Still reading away at the Warcraft book though!}

As had feared, Jessica Jones was too explicit for me. That’s just a personal preference! I like to watch TV to feel good, and over-sexual and violent shows make me feel icky. However, the Netflix original movie- Set it Up was really funny! I’d even watch again.

The biggest success was The Crown. I’m four episodes in now (each one is an hour long) and I’m loving it. I even find myself doing a few quick Google searches on the Royal Family to confirm the details in the show. I’ll definitely download more episodes to watch on our next couple trips!

Check back next week for more going-ons in the Knitty Natty home!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty