Back to School Crochet Collection- Materials

Hello all! This week on the blog I’ll release a new crochet pattern EACH day. All patterns will be “back-to-school” themed and designed to use up scrap cotton.

Here’s what you need to know!


Gather your tools: leftover scrap cotton, a scale for weighing scraps, size F and G crochet hooks, a ruler for measuring gauge, scissors, and a darning needle. That’s it!


Scrap worsted weight cotton. You know all those dishcloths that used most of a ball of Sugar and Cream, but not all of it… that’s what these projects are designed for! So gather all those tiny balls of Peaches and Creme, Sugar and Cream, whatever worsted weight cotton you have and get your hooks ready!


Kitchen scale. I use this glass kitchen scale that I bought originally at Target and my compact scale from Amazon ALL. THE. TIME. They’ve become one of my most used knitting and crochet tools! You’ll use a scale this week to determine if you have enough left of scrap to use for pattern. Most of the scraps you’ll need are between 5-10 grams.


Size F and G crochet hooks. Three patterns use a 4.0mm size G crochet hook and the other two will use a 3.5mm size F hook. These Clover Armour hooks are my absolute favorite! You can find them at your local craft store, but Amazon has the best price.


Ruler for gauge. Although gauge will be listed, it’s not so important that you get it exactly right, just close enough so that you don’t run out of yarn. I like to use a rigid ruler when I’m measuring gauge. I like that this one from KnitPicks is clear.


Scissors and darning needle. You’ll need sharp scissors to snip those ends and a darning needle to weave them in. My preference for weaving in ends with crochet are these plastic large-eye needles from Susan Bates. They speed up my time weaving in ends because I don’t have to force the 4-ply cotton through a tiny eye. With crochet, I don’t need to be as accurate when weaving so the fact that the needle tip isn’t super sturdy doesn’t bother me. There is one seamed item that you might desire a metal darning needle.

Find the patterns each day here on my blog. If you like them, head to Ravelry to purchase a printable version for just $1! At the end of the week, all the patterns will be available as a collection for $3. I hope you enjoy them!

Check back tomorrow for the first pattern in the Back to School Crochet Collection!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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