KonMari and No Knitting

Happy Friday, y’all! This week I start another Flatiron Shawl, talk about needlepoint, link some amazing Instagram tips, discuss a hot religious topic, reveal my kitchen mess-up, and dive deep into the philosophy of tidying. Surprisingly there’s not a stitch of knitting in sight this week. I still knit, I promise. Enjoy! Finished Objects NoneContinue reading “KonMari and No Knitting”

Socks, Stash, and Stockings- Oh My!

Happy Sunday- I hope it’s a scrappy one! This week I finish four projects, share a massive stash enhancement, highlight food from a graduation party, and pray for a new church. Finished Objects As the end of the month approaches, I’ve got a finish objects parade! I plan a lot of my knitting and crochetContinue reading “Socks, Stash, and Stockings- Oh My!”

Banana Bread and a Baby Sweater

We’re heading off to Oregon today for a graduation vacation! This week I finish a baby sweater, work on my June socks, talk about a new discovery in crochet circles, feel mushy about summer, and bake a snack, meal, and dessert. Enjoy! Finished Objects This week I finished the super adorable Baby Vertebrae by KellyContinue reading “Banana Bread and a Baby Sweater”

Over the top and in the Freezer

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I finish a knitted tee, crochet up a storm, get back to a bag design, cook up more freezer meals, and recap a meaningful interaction in the most unexpected place. Enjoy! Finished Objects I finished my “Over-the-top Top” by Purl Soho! It’s a free pattern and quite easy. The construction startsContinue reading “Over the top and in the Freezer”