Granny Squares and Gratitude

It’s truly springtime in Texas- rain for days!

This week I finish a sweater {tee}, start my May socks, and try to exude some gratitude. I also add my first pattern to Ravelry!

Finished Objects

“So Faded” sweater by Andrea Mowry

You voted and you got it! I completed my “So Faded” turned-Springtime sweater. Unfortunately, we’ve skipped springtime in Texas and dived straight into 85 degree weather; but I’ll definitely get more use out of a short-sleeve pullover this fall and winter than I would a long-sleeve.

I made a few simple modifications that majorly affected the look of this sweater. The most obvious is the cap sleeves. See my Ravelry notes for details. The second change was a split hem. Now, if you have the same body type as me, split hems are your best friend. My bust measurement is 12 whole inches smaller than my hip measurement… I think the technical term is “pear-shaped.”

Never fear! I know that I need either a top with 5+ inches of positive ease (think Boxy or Tegna) or an A-line silhouette to flatter my shape. Although the 36″ size in “So Faded” would give me some ease in the bust, it would absolutely sausage my hips– yikes! Since I didn’t want an over-size crew neck sweater, my only option was to make the sweater A-line. I know two ways to do this: increases (shaping) or a split hem. I’ll tell you that the easy way out it a split hem; and that’s what I did. No need to change the stitch count or you needle size, just stop knitting in the round half way through the row and you’ve done it! Details here.

WIP’s- Focus Projects

“Over-the-Top Top” by Purl Soho

Last Friday I started the Over-the-Top Top by Purl Soho. It’s a summer tee with the nice clean lines that I love. Due to lots of movie watching over the past week {Infinity War and A Quiet Place}, I’m nearly finished with the back. Next up, going “over the top” and working the shoulders, neck, and front.

IMG_3784 (1)
Must Stash Yarns | Lavender Apple Blossom

I also got a great start on my May socks. {Thank you testing season.} I’m using the colorway “Lavender Apple Blossom” by Must Stash Yarns. It’s a beautiful purple with micro-stripes of rainbow in between. They will likely be finished next week, so I’ll just tease you with the yarn for now! Stacie is so talented that she creates her sock yarn with TWO MATCHING SKEINS. I typically use bulb-shaped locking stitch markers to count every 20 rows of my socks, as I do prefer them to be the same size. My stitch markers landed in the exact same color micro-stripe every time- incredible, Stacie!

Something New

Out of sheer desperation {ahem, #slaythestash2018}, I started a new scrappy blanket last week. I added notes on my Ravelry pattern page on how to create the small granny square, but I thought it would be more convenient to publish my notes for people to download. Now I have my first Ravelry pattern!

“Scrappy Granny”- my very first published pattern.

Meet: Scrappy Granny. I thought this was a funny name. Scrappy literally means you can use scrap sock yarn, but scrappy can also mean determined and argumentative. I imaged a scrappy grandmother ready to start a fight- “I’ll show you were you can stick your knitting needles!”

Now, a granny square is by no means my original idea. Heck, I bet most people who make granny squares have their own personal pattern memorized! I also didn’t have my pattern test-crocheted and I didn’t include detailed pattern features (like an abbreviation key or chart). Therefore, this a FREE PATTERN.

I would love to formally invite anyone who makes a granny square from this pattern to give me constructed feedback. {You can do that by visiting the contact page at the top of the blog.} Is it written too simply? Is the font too small? Does it make sense?! I hope to continue making patterns that I will get test knit or crocheted and offer as patterns for purchase. I just want to get my feet wet first!

What God’s Teaching Me

Gratitude. Hmph.

This week I’ve found myself exceedingly grumpy on more than one occasion. There is no specific reason for me to be unhappy. I think it’s the tension of a school year coming to a close along with our next three Saturdays being booked to the max that has me feeling anxious.

If you’re like me, you might try a variety of small things to boost your mood. Maybe it’s a special treat like chocolate or Starbucks. Perhaps it’s music or a podcast. You might need a good purge like exercising or cleaning to swing your mood in the right direction. While I was contemplating what I could try next, I got a God whisper… be grateful.

Eep! It’s true! I had so many things to be grateful for even in my crabbiest moment of the week.

Let’s list a few:

  1. Ample knitting time.
  2. An amazing husband.
  3. A fabulous job that pays well.
  4. A healthy body (and hands; hands are important, see 1)
  5. Impending summer vacation.

There is even gratitude in the list of things I have to be grateful about. How many of those things are “bonuses” and not “necessities”? Yet, I didn’t spend time thanking God that we had the means to put food on the table this week.

So, I started a new plan on the Bible App called “Filled with Gratitude.” On the third day, the author asks us how many times we let people do things for us without saying “thank you”- waiters, cashiers, or customer service people to name a few. Then he drops the bomb, “Can you imagine how Jesus felt…?” We know how much a difference those two little words make when said to us- thank you.

I’m taking care this week to thank God for the smallest things.

What We’re Cooking


Sunday night we had a yummy Caprese Chicken and Quinoa Casserole. It was fairly quick and simple to make (even when I cooked and shredded my own chicken) and I think I”ll make it again soon. Next time I’ll use an entire bag of mozzarella though- yum!

I made more veggies for lunch this week. Kent said he wants to buy double the veggies next week so I can make him some for lunch. So I’d say they’re a hit. This time I shook the veggies with olive oil in a Ziploc {to distribute the oil more evenly} before spreading them on the baking sheets. I opted for salt, pepper, and thyme; but I think I miss that onion powder.

What I’m Reading

Thanks to a blog reader, I have a new book recommendation! I started At Home in Mitford this week, the first of a 14-book series by Jan Karon. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet as I’ve only read 50 pages. It is good and wholesome so far- the story of a church leader just doing his best. I sense that trouble is coming.

I’m continuing to listen to the Harry Potter series with Chamber of Secrets now on the earbuds. The first couple books are under 10 hours of listening time. Between walks and my work commute, I can “read” them easily in two weeks. I love listening to the familiar voice of Jim Dale.

Check back next week for more going-ons in the Knitty Natty home!

Love in stitches,

Knitty Natty

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  1. Love the Bible App, just downloaded it! I so look forward to your posts, keep ’em coming. Hope to see you when you’r ‘home’ next 🙂

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