Test Knits and True Friends

It has been the busiest two work weeks- but SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!! This week I finish FIVE THINGS {in different sections}, make some quick cooking decisions, work on a test knit, start a new book, bake something sweet, and continue to love and listen to Harry Potter. Finished Objects I have finished theContinue reading “Test Knits and True Friends”

Granny Squares and Gratitude

It’s truly springtime in Texas- rain for days! This week I finish a sweater {tee}, start my May socks, and try to exude some gratitude. I also add my first pattern to Ravelry! Finished Objects You voted and you got it! I completed my “So Faded” turned-Springtime sweater. Unfortunately, we’ve skipped springtime in Texas and divedContinue reading “Granny Squares and Gratitude”